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Welcome Trey Jackson, LAPC!

Please join us in welcoming Trey Jackson to our practice. We are very excited he has joined our group. Trey practices from a lens of holistic health, understanding integrative systems and providing clients with a comprehensive scope of Self, better equipping them to navigate struggles and more successfully and sustainably get their needs met. Like many clinicians at The Peaceful Place, Trey incorporates humanistic and mindfulness-based perspectives, understanding people are human beings with many integrated parts. His work with clients helps them create balance and harmony among these parts, allowing the Self to regain agency and direction. Shame, judgment, perfection, and burnout, among others, can cloud our path, and send us down a spiral of self-defeating behaviors and practices. Trey's training in EMDR, mindfulness-based psychotherapies, IFS, and polyvagal theory, enable him to effectively work with clients experiencing psychological trauma, anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationship issues, and search for meaning/purpose in identity.

If you'd like to begin working with Trey, or want more information, please click HERE. You may also call 404-491-7751 or email to set up a free phone consultation.

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