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Psychotherapy and hypnosis

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Change your thoughts and change your world.

Clinical hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis within psychotherapy, administered by a trained and certified licensed therapist. It is the avenue through which healing takes place, not the healing itself. Patrick Bryant, LCSW, NBCCH is currently the only clinician offering hypnotherapy in our practice.  When appropriate, Patrick may implement this technique as a supplement to individual therapy for clients who are interested, and are feeling stuck in their treatment of trauma, severe anxiety, depression or overwhelming stress. Click here for more information.

Norman Vincent Peale

Counseling with art and art therapy

Art therapy is a therapeutic process that helps you access the whole you - mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. It combines the creative process of making art with psychotherapy to improve the well-being of individuals of all ages. By creating art and reflecting upon the images and experiences with a therapist, people are guided to solutions that resolve conflicts, manage behavior, reduce stress, increase self-esteem, and achieve insight for growth and prosperity. To learn more about the growth and exploration you can experience in this creative and enriching process, click here.

Control your Anger

Anger has taken center-stage as the infamous taboo emotion. Where does it come from, and what impact does it really have on your life? So often, it's easier to be angry than sad or vulnerable. For many, anger has become the automatic reaction to discomfort or feeling invalidated. The need to be "right" takes over, and you assert yourself, no matter the cost. One misconception of anger is that it can be eliminated or taken over. Want to learn more about reprocessing your experience of anger and the events that trigger it? Click here for more information.

Help for men struggling with stress, emotional challenges, and life transition

Men experience emotion and socialization like everyone else. Or, do they? Men are often taught that vulnerability is counter to masculinity. This influences men's experience and expression of powerful emotion, thereby, reinforcing many of the problems we face with gender roles in our society. We work with teens and adult men who experience stress and conflict accompanied by defeating reactions influenced by the "hyper-masculine" role. Sometimes the expectations of being a man are stressful. To learn to be mindful of reactions, and create healthier choices, click here.

Increase balance through mindfulness

Whether daily monotony or life-altering, stress can be overwhelming. When stress takes control, you may start to lose focus, sense of self, and healthy connection with others. With a few simple and effective daily practices, you can learn to allow space for stressors without being overwhelmed by or avoiding them. Increasing your tolerance for stress, you will notice an increased capacity to fulfilling experiences you may have typically passed by without a second thought. Stress doesn't have to define you. Click, here, for more information.

Supervision for Social Workers

We offer a variety of groups to provide the best service possible for our clients. If individual therapy is not your preference, or perhaps, not in your budget, consider participating in a group or workshop. This form of healing is powerful and long-lasting, due to the enriching connections formed within this safe space with peers who have similar experiences and/or hope to achieve similar outcomes. Click, here, for more information about the groups we offer, scheduling, and costs.

** We are currently offering groups online.

Supervision for Social Workers

Clinical supervision is a resourceful, necessary step toward becoming a licensed clinician. This is where you learn the application of your craft and how to conduct yourself as a confident and competent therapist in a genuine and authentic manner. Patrick Bryant, LCSW, CCH provides exceptional quality in clinical supervision to master's level social workers pursuing full licensure as a LCSW. The options for time and rates are affordable and flexible to best meet your needs. Together, let's build a strong foundation from which you can grow & develop as a balanced & experience clinician. Click here for more information.