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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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As a native Georgian, I strive to learn about, be involved in, and strengthen my community. Getting to know you and understanding your values and world view are not only my craft, but my passion. I chose Social Work because of the deep roots in understanding, helping, and advocating for individuals and families. My holistic approach to helping teens and adults is rooted in seeing and working with each person as, first and foremost, a complete person, with strengths and limitations, as well as external supports and obstacles. I truly believe that working with the whole you (mind, body, emotion, and spirit) is what helps you reach self-satisfaction and healthy connection with others, all the while respecting that you are in control of your experience and the direction you wish to take your life.


As one area of focus, my work with adolescent and adult men is from a safe, non-judgmental approach. Men are more than stoicism, anger, responsibilities, and needs for success. We have a spectrum of emotion, and face challenges navigating vulnerability, like anyone else; however this experience may present or look different in men. Creating time and space to grow and develop your complete self (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) will not only bring enrichment to your life, but to others around you. Our work, together, may include fostering a healthy relationship with masculinity, navigating stress, or overcoming anxiety, depression, trauma, or relationship challenges. 

Though men's health is one area of focus for me, I am honored to work with all genders in identifying strengths, and learning to use those strengths as aids in navigating obstacles that life presents. My training and experience in various modalities and theoretical constructs allows me to tailor our work to best meet your needs. There are many therapists in Decatur and Atlanta. The goal is to find someone with whom you can form a meaningful and helpful connection. The best way to determine whether or not I am a good fit for your needs in therapy is by getting to know each other. That's why I offer free phone consultations up to 15 minutes. Let's discuss your path for growth and development  (404) 491-7751.


I also offer exceptional quality and affordability in clinical supervision for associate licensed/master's level social workers pursuing clinical licensure (LCSW). Quality supervision plays a crucial role in becoming an exceptional clinician. We not only review clinical modalities, but focus on how you as a person show up for and with your clients. 

As an interesting side-note, my training in Gendai Aikido has greatly complimented my work as a therapist. I don't provide Aikido instruction, but the foundational principles of energy, harmony, and circular movement find their way into the therapy room on a regular basis. Rather than rigidly blocking what we perceive as a threat, which can sometimes leave us feeling helpless when ineffective, we use the momentum of what is already happening to move what we perceive as harmful or threatening around us. If we continue to see ourselves as a victims, we remain stuck in a helpless, disempowered place. Instead, when we begin to know ourselves as survivors with strengths and effective tools, we empower ourselves to tolerate the discomfort of vulnerability, better understand what is actually happening, and navigate through it, leaving what we no longer need from the past where it belongs - in the past.



Special Focus


Reprocessing ANGER - experiencing and expressing powerful emotions in a healthy way .


Therapy for MEN- growth and development of self and relationships; balanced health.


Recovering from TRAUMA and negative life-changing experiences.


Mindfully navigating stress.



Client Focus


Adults, Adolescents, and Families


MANifest: Workshops for Men's Health

The Amerson House

Atlanta, GA

April 13, 2019

The Seasons of Resilience

Atlanta, GA

Upcoming dates announced soon!




Master of Social Work - The University of Georgia

Athens, GA     l      2010 


Bachelor of Science in Psychology - The University of Georgia

Athens, GA      l      2007


Licensed Clinical Social Worker - CSW004964



Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - The Anxiety and Stress Management Institute &

National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists 


Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Professional Education Systems Institute

Trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Traumatic Stress Studies

The Trauma Center at JRI - Boston, MA


Trained in Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator: 

The Enneagram in Relationships.


Professional Acknowledgements


Shoutout Atlanta

Voyage ATL Magazine: Inspiring Stories series

Best of Psychotherapy Hall of Fame (6 consecutive years)



Professional Affiliations


National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists

Men's Health Network

Board of Advisers

Recurring guest host on One Small Bite with David Orozco podcast

Contributing writer for Psych Central


Metro Atlanta Therapist Network

Intown Therapist Network


Georgia Society for Clinical Social Workers

Former Co-Chair of Legislative Committee and board member

FEI Behavioral Health Services

Speaker, Trainer: Mindfulness & Stress Management

In-network Insurance Plans

Anthem / Blue Cross Blue Shield

The Peaceful Place, LLC

Trainings & Speaking Engagements


Mindfully Navigating Stress in the Workplace and Beyond

FEI Network

April 2020

Mindfully Navigating Stress in the Workplace and Beyond

Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta

May 2019

The Inner-Life of a Therapist: Panel Discussion

Georgia Society for Clinical Social Work

March 2019

Mindful Stress Management in the Workplace and Beyond

City of Roswell

April 2018

Mindful Stress Management in the Workplace and Beyond

American Cancer Society

December 2017

Navigating Workplace Stress

Georgia Department of Transportation

June 2017

Mindfulness and the Creative Process

Bridging the Gap Conference

The Community School

March 2017

The Business Hour with Ron Comacho

America's Web Radio

June 2016

Mindfulness in The Workplace

Georgia Department of Transportation

June 2016

Managing Workplace Stress

The Boys & Girls Club of America

April 2016

Legislative Issues 101: How policy affects practice

Georgia Society for Clinical Social Work, Legislative Salon

March 2016


The Journey of Anger in Men: The science, the process, the treatment.

Georgia Society for Clinical Social Work, Monthly Workshop Series

November 2015


Juvenile Assessment & Intervention System

National Council on Crime and Dilenquency

October 2011 Madera, CA & San Jose, CA

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