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Meet Alexis

Licensed Master Social Worker

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Call me: (404) 491-7751 

**Welcoming new clients in our Decatur office!

Life's been hard lately, and more than ever, we all need a supportive space to process, reflect, grow, and do the work to build a life you love. With the right tools and support, I know that you are capable of building that life, releasing shame and pain, growing into the person you dream of becoming, and learning how to treat yourself with kindness and compassion.


As a therapist, I believe that YOU are the expert of your life, and your experience should be honored. In my office, my top priority is making you feel seen and understood without judgment. My primary role is to support you in building the life you desire! We'll dive deep into the areas of life that are causing you pain or keeping you from feeling fulfilled. Nothing is off limits, and you are welcome to be your most authentic self with me. 


I am a gentle and compassionate therapist but will also serve as a direct accountability partner when needed. Our work continues when you leave my office, and I encourage all of my clients to continue our work between sessions with optional homework, such as practicing solutions-based interventions. 


Clinically, I draw from three main theoretical orientations:


Person-Centered: We work on what you want to work on - no judgment! One size doesn't fit all because you are one-of-a-kind! We'll work together to set goals, decide what to spend our time on, and make changes along the way. Therapy with me isn't about me - it's all about you!


Person-in-Environment and Constructivist: We live in a complicated world, and we don't exist in a vacuum. I believe we are all seeking to find meaning in life, and we do so by creating stories to fill in the gaps of what we don't understand. Together, we'll uncover those stories and consider how our environment, family, friends, jobs, and society impact our internal experience. 


Feminist and Anti-Oppressive: I strive to be feminist and anti-oppressive as a therapist. In practice, that means we will examine how bias, discrimination, and oppressive systems impact your mental health and overall well-being. I am committed to critically reflecting on how my values, beliefs, implicit biases, and behaviors contribute to these oppressive structures and working to dismantle those both personally and professionally.

Special Focus


Challenges with neurodivergence

Self-Esteem and Body Image

Self-Compassion and Radical Self-Love

Religious Deconstruction and Trauma

Identity Development

Navigating Major Life Transitions


Client Focus



Relationships (including non-monogamous and polyamorous relationships)

Neurodivergent Clients

Queer and Gender Diverse Clients (LGBTQIA2S+)



Licensed Master Social Worker

Georgia  -  MSW011915

*Clinical Supervisor: Patrick Bryant, LCSW


Master of Social Work - The University of Georgia

Athens, GA

Master of Public Health, Health Promotion and Behavior Specialization - University of Georgia

Athens, GA


Bachelor of Science in Psychology - University of Georgia

Athens, GA

Graduate Certificate in Non-profit Management and Leadership - University of Georgia

Athens, GA


Out-of-network with all Insurance Plans:

Some or all of the charges for my services may be covered by your insurance as out-of-network benefits, depending on your policy. Contact your insurance provider to better understand your coverage.


Reduced fee plans are limited to availability, and dependent upon income.

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