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Corrective Holistic Exercise & Kinesiology (CHEK)

You are invited on a journey toward seeing health differently - a path which focuses on your relationship with your complete self: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. CHEK offers two primary phases to complete, or holistic, health - Comprehensive Assessment & Corrective Exercise Program and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching.

CHEK Assessment & Corrective Exercise Program  

Before our modern conveniences, we humans were required to be more active and therefore more 

resilient and ideally aligned to handle the demands faced daily. But lack of movement, desk jobs, over-

training, poor posture, and the resulting dysfunctions have left our bodies out of balance and inundated 

with a host of aches and pains. With equally objective and subjective findings, this 84-point CHEK 

musculoskeletal assessment is designed to discover posture deficits, muscle imbalances, joint 

restrictions, breathing quality & faulty neurological recruitment patterns.   

After the CHEK assessment is completed, a detailed exercise program specific to the client’s needs and 

training age is designed. Exercise is powerful medicine. So, including the proper joint mobilizations, 

corrective exercises and stretches while, even more importantly, avoiding the ones a client doesn’t need 

is essential to the success of any workout program. Exercise should make you feel better and elicit a 

positive response. 

The CHEK Assessment & Corrective Exercise Program is perfect for the person wishing to eliminate 

current orthopedic dysfunctions and overuse injuries like: 


  • low back pain  

  • SI joint & hip discomfort 

  • sciatica & lower limb irritation  

  • shoulder function & neck tension  

  • plantar fasciitis 

  • tennis/golfers’ elbow 

  • frozen shoulder & impingement  

  • faulty posture & poor biomechanics  

  • improving sports performance  

  • prehabilitation and injury rehabilitation 



Holistic Lifestyle Coaching  


We are all products of our environment. However, the environment today is very different than the one 

our ancestors enjoyed. The air we breathed was fresher, the food we ate was real, the water we drank 

was pure. Even our very thoughts were cleaner, virtually free of the toxic news and chemical impurities 

that permeate our current world. As recently as 100 years ago this all began to change, and our bodies 

have not been able to keep up.  

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching will assess where you currently are and come up with a tailored made plan for 

you to provide your body with nutrient rich foods that are right for you, naturally detox any organs or 

glands that are stressed, learn more about yourself and the human psyche and techniques to balance 

the nervous system.  


Holistic lifestyle coaching is perfect for the person wishing to:  


  • achieve their ideal weight and body shape 

  • overcome illness 

  • improve symptoms of long covid  

  • rehabilitate an injury 

  • improve performance in sport 

  • minimize chances of disease 

  • increase vitality and well-being 


In short, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching is a must for everyone! 

*While it is recommended to visit Jason every 4-8 weeks for program progression, re-assessments and updates, more frequent support is often needed to implement any change.  While Jason's ultimate goal is to get a client to become self-sufficient and able to follow their program on their own, he understands that a more hands on approach is often required.  Thus, Jason is willing and may request to coach a client more frequently for as long as necessary. These 45–60-minute sessions are to help you better understand the program assigned to you. 

Interested in Learning More? 

Click HERE to learn more about Jason Sailers, your Decatur CHEK Practitioner.

Our CHEK services may be covered in part by your insurance company. At your request, we can provide an itemized invoice following your appointment, which you can submit to your insurance provider for potential out-of-network benefits. Benefits are solely determined by your insurance company.

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