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Young Dad

New & Expecting Dads Group

This group is for new dads, for dads awaiting the birth of their child, and even for dads who are multiple children in, and want fresh perspective. This group is for partnered, married, and single dads. This group is for dads who have a plan, for dads who have no idea what to do, and for dads in between.

  • Improve confidence

  • Strengthen relationships

  • Gain approachable and effective strategies for navigating your parenting journey

  • Build meaningful and fulfilling community


Wednesdays (every week)

September 13 - October 18, 2023

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM (first group is 12:30 - 2:00).

*This group meets IN-PERSON.

About the Group

Parenting can be hard; you've already heard that from plenty of folks. By now you've probably heard a range of experiences, unsolicited advice, maybe some welcomed advice, horror stories, all the ways your life will change, etc. The truth is, every baby is different, every parent is different, and thereby every family is different. No one experience can prepare you for the complex, varying, sometimes exhausting, and hopefully rewarding journey ahead. Instead, non-judgmental, unbiased, and factual information through the lens of curiosity, connection, and conscious parenting (or just living in general) may be most helpful in navigating what is happening now and whatever comes next. 

This group IS:

  • A safe space to acknowledge, own, and express thoughts, feelings, and experiences, even if they're uncomfortable or unpopular.

  • An opportunity to build a community with other dads.

  • An opportunity to learn approachable and effective strategies for mindfully navigating stress, strengthening relationship with your partner or co-parent and your child(ren).

  • An invitation & path toward better understanding who you are as a parent, which includes your needs, as well as your partner and child.

  • Inclusive; if you are a non-birthing parent who does not identify as male, you're welcome too!


This group is NOT:

  • A parenting education or child birthing class.

  • A claim of one-size-fits-all remedy for all parenting woes. 

  • A rigid curriculum based in unrealistic expectations of perfection or outdated beliefs about dads' roles in parenting.

Patrick Bryant

Patrick Bryant, LCSW has specialized training and over a decade of experience in men's health, identities, stress-reduction, healing from trauma, and meaningful/approachable integration of mindfulness. He is a Certified Mindfulness-Informed Professional, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, trained in IFS and Burnout Prevention through Compassion Training, and has over 13 years experience in helping men navigate a healthy relationship with self, idea of self, and others. Patrick is father to one daughter, and remembers the confusing, complex cocktail of emotions, experiences, and interpersonal interactions surrounding the new venture of fatherhood, as well as the ongoing adventure of nurturing this baby into a growing human.

Elise Ramia

Elise Ramia, LMSW has specialized training and experience in women's health, perinatal mental health, and working moms. She is a member of Postpartum Support International, and is trained in perinatal mental health. Elise receives clinical supervision from Patrick Bryant, LCSW. Elise is mother to one son, and brings a wealth of experience from the perspective of mother, partner, and healer.

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