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Welcome Kelly Garcia, LMSW!

Please join us in welcoming Kelly Garcia to The Peaceful Place! We are honored that Kelly is now sharing her skills, talents, and genuine care for her clients with our Practice, as well as the communities of Decatur and greater Atlanta areas.

Kelly's approachable and inviting demeanor, accompanied by her training and experience in child and adolescent counseling, enable her to form healthy and meaningful relationships with her clients ages 5-17. Understanding that children learn, communicate, and process through play and creativity, Kelly caters her therapeutic work to accommodate these needs for each of her clients.

In addition to Individual Therapy with children and adolescents, Kelly offers family consultations to help foster harmony and stronger connections within families. Much of working with a young person to facilitate change, support, and mental/emotional growth involves participation and appropriate guidance from parents/caregivers. Her practice philosophies and values align with The Peaceful Place, in that she believes each person is a human being on a journey toward growth and development. This means that she aligns with her clients and their families to help them get where they need/want to be, rather than judging or shaming them into a one-size-fits-all diagnosis and treatment plan. Instead, the therapeutic relationship is prioritized. Healthy and realistic outcomes for therapy are explored and put into action.

If you'd like to schedule a consultation with Kelly, she can be reached at or 404-491-7751 ext 8. You can also learn more about Kelly by clicking here to visit her page.

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