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Upcoming Mindful Outdoor Adventure Weekend

adventure and mindfulness in the forest

We're excited to announce dates for the next men's Mindful Outdoor Adventure weekend - October 6 - 8, 2023. We'll have familiar practices and experiences from past retreats, as well as new incredible offerings.

The purpose of this weekend is to allow each person to fully benefit from the healing properties of nature. Through immersion in the forest, mindfulness practice, meditation, learning effective and approachable stress-reduction tools, expanding your community with a great group of guys, and enjoying delicious food, you're invited to pause and unburden yourselves from screens, emails, notifications, obligations, etc., in order to clear your mind, gain clarity on your priorities, and put new purposeful and intentional actions into practice. The research findings are pretty clear on the many physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health benefits of being in nature. Many of us know, intellectually, that we could get into the woods anytime, but one or more barriers continue to deter or prevent us from actually doing it. Allow us to provide the protected time, accountability, cooking, cleaning, and planning, while you simply include yourself as a priority this weekend.

Invitations to learn, practice, and experience:

  • mindful meditation

  • history of, and connection to, place and ancestral people in this area

  • enhanced gratitude and self-compassion

  • better navigation of stress

  • boost production and efficacy of immune cells

  • deeper, meaningful connections with self, community of guys, and abundant life in the forest

  • basic camping and hiking (if you're new to this kind of thing)

  • traditional fire-birthing with flint and steel (as well efficient modern techniques)

  • knife an ax throwing

Don't have a tent and/or camping mattress, and don't want to buy them just for this trip. No worries, we've got you covered. For an additional fee, we'll take care of the tent and air mattress for you. All you'll need to bring is your preferred sleeping bag, pillow, and clothes/shoes for the weekend. Just us you'd like to add this package when registering. For more information, registration, and some words from previous participants, click HERE.

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