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Back to the Roots: A Mindful Outdoor Retreat for Men

When is the last time you truly had no obligations? The last time you went into the woods without making sure you meet everyone else's needs? The last time you did something truly restorative that you didn't have to plan, coordinate, and bring to fruition?

You are invited to join Patrick Bryant, Garrett Thurman, and Patrick Gragson for a weekend of relaxation, restoration, and connection. In this Mindful Outdoor Retreat, men will experience plenty of time for relaxation and rest, as well as many invitations for approachable and sustainable ways to implement mindfulness practices into your life, more purposefully and intentionally participate in your life, learn to better navigate stressors, feel deeper connection with self and nature, and build meaningful connections with new friends around.

We'll be camping beneath the stars, mindfully walking within old growth forest alongside rocks and hills that predate humans, and enjoying nutritious and intentionally crafted food to nourish body, mind, and spirit.

We'll also be inviting curiosity and conversation around the identities and roles we take on as men. How do you connect with these identities? How much energy to you put into maintaining them and/or protecting them? Are they purposeful and intentional or simply habitual? How are others responding to them? We'll explore these questions and more. You'll take away a deeper knowing of self and place, as well as meaningful ways for deepening connection to the natural world (the real one; not one on a screen, social media, or podcast).

Imagine a weekend of no notifications, obligations, demands, or expectations placed upon you by others. Instead, just free space to be you. Learn more about this retreat and register by clicking below the following link.

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