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Taking care in the wake of the storm

There is little doubt that many, if not most, people experienced severe weather in the metro-Atlanta area yesterday. From powerful wind and sideways rain to falling trees, destroyed homes, and fallen trees, Irma made her presence known to us. I'd like to notify our clients that we are open. Many of the clinicians, here, are opening up extra times later in the week to accommodate the closure yesterday. Please check with your therapist, directly.

What's truly important, is that we make time and availability to care for ourselves, while having compassion for others. As we recognize that there will be many inconveniences, let us also acknowledge the individual is not the only one inconvenienced. There are many roads closed, and many homes and businesses without electricity. In a metro area with roughly six million people, there will be an adjustment period. Before shaming the electric company and road crews, take a moment to consider that over one million people are without electricity, and several main highways, as well as smaller roads have large trees and power lines laying across them. This clean-up will take time, and the workers need to be safe, as do the rest of us.

While we are exercising compassion, let us also be mindful of the experiences had by those in Florida and coastal Georgia, as well as Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina. As the mayor of Huston said, the media coverage will move on from their destruction, but the mess and traumatic loss remains. We ask that you join us is taking a few moments to slow down, appreciate who and what we have in the present, and perhaps empathically connect with those who have suffered.

Be safe and be well.

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