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GDOT stress reduction

Today, the GA Department of Transportation project managers welcomed me into their morning to present on workplace stress tolerance and mindfulness. What a great crowd! These folks deal with so much in their day-to-day lives, and the job never stops. It was an honor to work with all of you, teaching and demonstrating healthy and effective ways to be present and create more tolerance for stressors. I'd like to especially thank those who dove in to the meditation and mind-body movement demonstrations.

One of the take-away messages was that stressors never really go away. They simply change their masks or manifestation. The most powerful thing we can do for ourselves is to recognize what is within our control; what we can take ownership of, and learn how to let go of what we cannot. When we make space in our lives (tolerance), and let go of the unnecessary baggage, the stressors that do slip through our filter are far more manageable.

Keep doing to good work, and remember to breathe, check-in, and live in the present.

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