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Sexual Aggression 1101: Introduction to sexual aggression among college students


If you’ve attended a college town during evening hours, or watched your local news lately,

you’ve likely witnessed or heard about an ever-growing epidemic of male sexual

aggression toward women. Yes, this aggression certainly works both ways. Women do

perpetrate against men and other women. Women have been documented to consent to sexual

intercourse at a party, only to later recant and press charges following the incident. However,

these occurrences are minimal in frequency, when compared to men’s offenses and aggression

toward women, particularly on college campuses. As a man, I feel it is my duty to join the

movement as an advocate for stopping such violence.

Throughout grade school, college, and graduate school, I remember hearing campaigns against

sexual violence. “No means no.” Well, there are clearly some men who weren’t listening, didn’t

attend that discussion, or simply disregarded the message all together. It’s amazing to me, how many guys prey on young women at parties and in bars, appearing to be resilient to the many

dismisses they receive, but sometimes later revealing their forceful intention; almost as if some “lucky” lady who happens to be his last attempt at the end of the night receives the lovely prize of coercion, aggressive insistence, drugs, or some other last-stitch effort for this guy to get