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Trauma wears many faces.



Unfortunately, bad things sometimes happen to good people. What's worse is that those bad things, which have threatened the safety of you or someone you care about, can lead to paralyzing and debilitating effects, like night terrors, reliving painful memories, intense anger and/or aggression, dissolving relationships, and feelings of depression and anxiety. In the therapy world, we call this experience trauma. You may just know it as a painful reality in which you feel stuck.


The good news is that these traumatic events no longer have to control your life. We are trained to help you reprocess your experiences to help you move forward with living your life. Whether you've experienced ABUSE, COMBAT, or other LIFE-THREATENING events, peace can be a part of your new reality. Call or email for more information about our special military and families rates.

Art Therapy









Stress and Anxiety

Today's world is full of stress, and presents in many forms. Whether work, family, relationships, school, or unrealistic expectations, stress often creeps its way into your life, and leaves you feeling stuck. Have you tried "fixing" it, but had no consistent success? When we are conditioned to believe we don't have time for much of anything, we try fixing our problems with the most ready and available option at the time. The problem, here, is that we are seeking solutions from a state of stress. When we become fixated on unrealistic goals, we become anxious, judgmental, and shameful. Anything less than perfection, is failure. If that sounds/feels familiar to you, consider exploring this experience to learn more about it. We help you thorugh experiential  processes that go beyond words and analytical thinking, getting to the root of your stress. The more awareness you have, the more space that gets created. Space softens the need to react.

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