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Rates & Insurance

Fee for service

Depending on the clinician, our fees range from $110 to $140 per clinical hour for individual therapy, and from $150 to $180 for family consultations. In effort to meet your needs within your budget, some of our clinicians offer a limited number of sessions at a lower adjusted rate, based on income. Well-being is not meant to be an unaffordable luxury. It's an investment in improving your quality of life, and is more affordable than you might think. We're happy to work with you to make your experience with therapy a meaningful investment. 


Some clinicians at The Peaceful Place are "in-network" with Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana. We are "out-of-network" for all other insurance companies. Some or all of our work together may be covered by your insurance carrier as out-of-network. Coverage is determined solely by your insurance company, and cannot be negotiated by your therapist. The best way to determine out-of-network coverage is by contacting your insurance company directly. *Please ask your therapist about insurance coverage prior to scheduling your first appointment.

To use, or not to use insurance...

Privacy, efficiency, and quality.
Unfortunately, filing insurance means submitting your personal information to your insurance provider that you may wish to keep confidential. For example, a diagnosis is required when filing with your insurance. This diagnosis becomes part of your medical history, and may not be protected by your insurance company on applications for health insurance, life insurance, and even some jobs. We value your privacy, therefore, limit our partnership with insurance companies to only a few. After all, what happens in session stays in session; that's your right. Also, some insurance companies place a limit on the number of sessions covered under your plan. We believe that you and your therapist are the best judges of how many sessions you need. We understand that you may need to use insurance for financial reasons. For this reason, we have made our services more accessible through Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield.
Something else to consider...  many insurance plans require you to meet your deductible prior to covering mental health services, meaning you pay the full amount allowed by the insurance company until you have met your annual deductible.

* Ask about available discounted rates for active and retired military, fire and rescue, and law enforcement.


We accept major credit and debit cards, including HSA and FSA. Cash and check are also accepted.

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