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Introducing Elise Ramia, MSW

Please join us in welcoming Elise Ramia to The Peaceful Place!

Elise is originally from Louisville, KY, where she was introduced to the world of Clinical Social Work and helping others at an early age; both of her parents are LCSWs. After spending approximately 10 years in Charleston, SC, she made her way to the Decatur/Atlanta area, where she has lived for the past 7 years.

Prior to earning her Master of Social Work from the University of Georgia, and joining the ranks of her parents, Elise earned her Bachelor of Arts Management degree from the College of Charleston. She, then, spent eight years working in corporate technology, working with corporations' providing strategic growth and execution.

Elise was drawn to the world of psychotherapy when she realized she wanted to be part of the solution toward healing the world. She has always loved working with people, finding that what hinders them in achieving their ideal life is, quite often, limiting stories perpetuated by parts within them who are anxious, stressed, overworked, hopeless, traumatized, etc. She believes each person also has within them the solution. Elise provides Individual Therapy for adults and adolescents, working alongside them to build upon their strengths to navigate and overcome these limiting stories. She hopes to leverage her prior career experience to assist people in corporate, high-demand, high-performing environments navigate their careers, reduce stress reactions, and attain healthier work-life balance. Elise assists adults and adolescents of all genders, though has an area of clinical focus in adult women and working mothers.

In addition to being a therapist, Elise is married to a loving and supportive husband who expresses love through cooking amazing Ecuadorian dishes. She is new mom to her sweet baby boy, and pet parent to one cat and one dog. When she's not supporting her clients in therapy, she enjoys walking with her family, traveling, experiencing cultures outside of her lived experience, watching movies with her husband, spending time with her son while seeing the world through his eyes, and reading books about people's stories of resilience, love, and discovery.

To learn more about Elise's clinical approach, or to schedule an appointment, click here.

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