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Participating in Choice

Today is a day that represents freedom of choice in the U.S.A. This day did not come to us free of charge; in fact, it was quite costly. Of course, I'm speaking of election day. Today was not only paid for by war, but civil rights movements, influential figures speaking their minds, and common people, just like you and I finding our way to the polls to make our voices heard. Unfortunately, even in this present-day democratic republic, voting is not as accessible or as free as it may seem. The specifics of that make for a different publication, unto itself.

What I hope to communicate, is that so many have fought and advocated for us to have the right to express our needs through representation in a government chosen by us, designed to speak for us, and constructed from a selection of us. I urge all who are able to vote to find a way to get to the polls, to have your voices heard. Remember, employers are required to allow you time to vote.

Not all results go our way, but we must not be discouraged. Voices can grow, and become louder. People in office can be held accountable. We just have to remember that these representatives are in their respective positions because a majority of votes put them there. Whether we do not like what these people are doing, or we support their work, our votes make these opinions and expectations known.

Let's have a voice. Support your candidate. Know your candidate. Understand what that person represents, and be sure their policies are aligned with your perception of what is needed. If they waiver from their promises, let them know. They work for us; literally, their salaries are paid by a portion of the money we earn.

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