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Eat well. Feel well.
Be well.

"When you change the way you think about food, health and wellbeing will follow."

- David Orozco   

You are invited on a journey toward seeing health differently - a path which focuses on your relationship with food and your body, rather than punishing yourself for not already being a particular shape, size, or feel. Move away from "should," and into intuitive need.

Holistic health is an investment in your complete self. You begin to shift focus from what you don't have, or what you should be, toward who you already are and where you'd like to go from here. A GPS is useless if the satellite cannot find you. Likewise, you must first meet yourself where you are in your journey toward health and well being, in order to successfully and sustainably  change what isn't working for you, or navigate what's in your way on your path toward growth. 

Our partners at Orozco Nutrition are here to help you do just that. They take the time to know you, listen to your goals, understand the obstacles (perceived and factual), and develop a realistic plan for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Through the use of mindfulness, intuitive eating, and body-positive approaches, the Nutritionists at Orozco Nutrition offer a variety of services addressing:

  • Weight Concerns

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy

  • Sports Nutrition & Movement

  • Connected Living

  • Sleep Quality

Interested in Learning More? 

Click HERE to go to the Orozco Nutrition website.

Need to use your insurance? No problem, your appointments may be covered. Contact them today for a consultation to determine if these services meet your needs, and if they are covered within your insurance policy.  Every journey starts with one step; the first one. Every meal is eaten "One Small Bite" at a time.

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