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We are offering in-office appointments. Contact your therapist if you need telehealth options.

"Life is what happens to us when we're too busy making other plans."
                                                                                                                                                                                      - John Lennon

Thank you for visiting our website. Whether you are exploring options for therapy, or just browsing, we are happy you have taken the time to get to know us. Connecting with a therapist in Decatur and Atlanta areas can be challenging these days. We hope you find the information and resources on this site to be helpful in getting through a difficult time or deciding on a therapist who best meets your present needs. 


Believe it, or not, we all have strengths and wisdom that can lead us toward feeling content. One experience can impact your whole life. One person can impact a family or relationship. Neither have to define you. Imagine a strand of pearls. One pearl being lost or damaged can impact the entire strand, but we don't hrow them away. They're too valuable. We make necessary changes to bring the strand back to its full beauty. If wethink of our lives in this way, we see that sometimes, we just need to polish the tarnished or blemished areas that hold us back, so we can be who we know ourselves to be.

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The Peaceful Place is a person-centered, mindfulness-based psychotherapy practice where our clinicians strive to understand and respect where our clients are in their lives. We join you on your journey of growth and development, helping you move through the uncomfortable spaces, rather than avoid them, or remain paralyzed by them. Whether you no longer recognize who you've become, are struggling with a relationship, mental distortions, or emotional distress, or you want guidance and support in self-exploration, we recognize our clients, as, first and foremost, people with real lives, real jobs, real relationships, and real personal truths. 

Simply put, mindfulness is paying attention to the here-and-now, with respect to what is actually happening. When done with kindness and curiosity, we access courage to explore and see ourselves, others, and the outside world as they actually are, rather than the stories we create from past experience and future predictions.


When we pay attention with purpose and intention, we are more aware of and receptive to information. Judgment and shame assign value to identity without understanding what is actually happening, or what is getting in the way of goals.

Balance refers to "ego-strength" - a healthy relationship between instinctual needs or desires and restrictive guidelines that can present with shame, perfectionism, or unrealistic expectations.


We do not have to eradicate discomfort in order to tolerate stress. Contentment is not complacency. Satisfaction and success are not the same as perfection. When we attach to specific outcomes rooted in a story of who we're supposed to be or what we lack, we often miss what we need, struggle to prioritize our needs, and feel stuck or avoidant when attempting to meet these needs.

At the root of human experience is connection. We thrive in it, and seek it through healthy, and sometimes unhealthy, means. Many of us feel our best when we have the confidence and security of healthy connection with a partner, family member, friend, pet, and self.


Some people have never felt this connection, while others are trying to mend it. Others still, may be living in such fear of losing it that they sabotage it, often not understanding why they can't seem to find someone who cares feel misunderstood, or hopeless in achieving it.

We have extensive training and experience to help you with:

Navigating stress                   Anxiety                      Depression                    Panic Attacks


           Trauma, PTSD, & Acute Stress                   Women's Health                      Perinatal Mental Health                         


Mood Disorders                Family Conflict                Interpersonal/Social Skills                 Impulse Control & ADHD


  Grieving Divorce (Adults & their Children)                      Workplace & Performance Stress                     Perfectionism  


Child/Adolescent Behavioral Challenges                     Men's Health                   Substance Abuse     


Couples Therapy                  Sexuality in Relationships                  Mind-Body Integration                     Work-Life Balance 

Trainings, Workshops, & Retreats                   Meditation Instruction                  Mindful Outdoor Experiences