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From Awareness to Action

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” - Lao Tzu

Join us on a guided journey from Awareness to Action, as we explore masculinity and vulnerability, and cultivate a healthy recipe for a complete, confident, and integrated man. Each workshop will include group discussion, a nature hike, practical and approachable guided meditation, mindful eating instruction, and a cooking demonstration, all to strengthen the relationship with self, with food, and with others.


MANifest brings interactive and mindful experiences to men interested in exploring what masculinity means to you, in a safe, judgment-free zone. What does it mean to be male? Is it offensive to express masculinity? If we aren't hyper-masculine, are we still manly? Our training and experience has taught us that masculinity is often misinterpreted and misunderstood. Through this experience of cultivating curiosity and implementing simple, realistic action steps into your daily life, you can manifest a more complete and balanced self from the inside - out. This experience is less about change, and more about enhancement/strengthening what's already within you. 

What is mindfulness?

Simply put, mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment on purpose with curiosity and kindness, rather than criticism or judgment; we explore and learn rather than automatically label and shut down. So many of us get caught up in the daily whirlwind of task-completion, meeting high expectations (which are sometimes unrealistic), fulfilling some definition of what it means to be a man, and avoiding the discomfort of failure. 


Vulnerability can be scary, which is why so many of us avoid it through anger, aggression, withdrawal, alcohol, overeating, over exercising, screens/electronics, etc. MANifest encourages and guides men to lean into the vulnerable spaces to gain information and  make informed intentional choices, rather than reacting. Contrary to what many of us have learned, vulnerability is not a place of inherent weakness, but a place to grow and gain strength. 


How is food related to masculinity?

Our decisions about food are often influenced by our environment, or the people with whom we associate. This can lead to unhealthy choices in what and how much we eat, as well as how much we drink. It can be so subtle, like when going out with the guys after a workout or a game. Maybe it's important to fit in, so we eat what everyone else eats. Maybe you catch a game at the sports bar, and pig out on wings, burgers, and beer. This seems great until you reach heartburn-hell, or glutenous guilt for overeating. Isn't this sort of thing just what guys do? Get over it, right? Forget ordering a salad at the sports bar; the criticism would be endless!

What's actually happening, is that we measure our masculinity, or manhood, through these subtle roles passed down through generations of family, society, and even culture. To be a man, we must eat like cavemen (12 oz steak and two pints of beer); eat fast, and clean the huge plate in front of us; maybe even finish what your partner leaves behind. Ultimately, we get bigger. Suddenly, obesity sets in, joints hurt, sleeplessness, snoring... Perhaps, there is even a diagnosis of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease. For many men, where there's a problem, there's a fix. So, we revert to opposite extremes - we crash diet (Paleo, Keto, Whole 30, Intermittent Fasting, etc), or even join an extreme fitness program. Manly = "go big or go home...all-or-nothing." These patterns are simply unsustainable. In MANifest, we shift our focus to intention, and examine our relationship with food. Masculinity can also be about gentleness (gentleman), love and kindness to self and others, patience, and humility; in essence, building a positive relationship with food, with self, and with others. 


 “I have realized; it is during the times I am far outside my element that I experience myself the most..."

                                                                                                                                                                        - C. JoyBell C.

Below is the first in a series of  three workshops and a weekend men's retreat. Join us for one, a couple, or all.

When:             April 13, 2019    Registration is CLOSED. Stay tuned for                                                  upcoming dates.

Where:           The Amerson House   l   1790 Lavista Road, NE  .   Atlanta, GA 

For Whom:    Men from all walks of life are welcome.


  • Guided Discussion

  • Guided meditation and intention setting for the day and beyond

  • Nature hike 

  • Mindful eating 

  • Cooking demo and lunch (food provided and included in cost of admission)


Cost:               Registration is now CLOSED. Please check back for future dates.



 * Dress comfortably, and wear shoes comfortable for walking outside.


Patrick Bryant, LCSW, NBCCH is a psychotherapist and the owner/director of The Peaceful Place, LLC. He has over 10 years of experience in clinical work, the bulk of which has been rooted in mindfulness-based approaches to psychotherapy and trauma recovery. In

private practice, Patrick has focused his expertise toward men's health, stress reduction, anger reprocessing, and mindfulness meditation instruction. Additionally, Patrick co-facilitates workshops and retreats, and leads trainings  for

mindful navigation of stress in the workplace and beyond. For more information about Patrick and his work, click here.


David Orozco, MS, RDN, LD is a Registered Dietician Nutritionist, Certified Exercise Physiologist, and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. He is the owner of TD Wellness, LLC, a nutrition and health consulting practice, where he and his team help individuals 

and groups find solutions for healthy living through a positive and harmonious relationship with food and eating. David's passion for food and nutrition comes from the belief that health and well-being are rooted in harmony of mind, body, and spirit. For more information about David and his work, click here

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