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Dietitian Nutritionists​

Intuitive Eating Counseling

Exercise Physiology

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At Orozco Nutrition, we believe nutrition goes way beyond the leafy greens that are relentlessly hyped in the media. We also understand that the chocolate chip fudge swirl ice cream calling to you at midnight sometimes means you might actually need a little instead of fighting it. You can be healthy by listening to your body's needs, rather than subscribing to demands of the current fad diet. Restriction conditions the mind to be guarded. Food is not your enemy; instead, it's a source of life. When we learn to listen with curiosity to our body's needs, and respond intuitively with compassion, commitment, and consistency, you will discover a far better, and more sustainable, way of living.

We offer our clients a host of services and programs, which are tailored in partnership with you to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you are moving toward a new life, trying to take off pounds, or taking care of a medical condition, we will work with you to build a program fit for you.

We Specialize in Programs For:

In-network Insurance Plans



Anthem / Blue Cross Blue Shield




United Healthcare

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