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Licensed Master Social Worker

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* Not currently taking new clients.

A citizen of many places: I was raised in a military family in India. Growing up, I moved between many different parts of a diverse country before migrating to the United States nearly a decade ago. These experiences have shaped my outlook, and help me appreciate people in their unique ethno-cultural backgrounds and life experiences. I strongly believe that each individual has unique strengths. My focus is to identify these strengths, and use them as a foundation during the therapeutic process.

Being an immigrant myself, I understand the issues that arise around the process of acclimatization to a significant change in your life. I am culturally conscious, perceptive and provide a welcoming environment for clients of all ethnicities, race, religion, gender and sexual preferences/orientations. 

While going through the rigors of academic medicine, and completing medical school in India, I realized that my true calling lay in becoming a therapist. I graduated from Indiana University School of Social Work, and have had the privilege of training in various clinical settings.

My approach to therapy is consolidated and person-centered, incorporating principles of Mindfulness, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Internal Family Systems (IFS). Using elements of CBT I help clients identify cognitive distortions. I incorporate Mindfulness into the therapeutic process to then shift the focus from c "fixing" these thoughts or impulses to noticing, accepting, and better navigating them. This helps the ‘observing-self’ identify ways that are more adaptive and functional. Using techniques of IFS or “parts therapy” builds on this first step of separating from negative thoughts and impulses and accepting them non-judgmentally to the next step of truly transforming them. During our sessions, I like to discover creative methods that are tailored for each of my clients and often incorporate working with art, crafts, writing or other modalities.

My clinical interests lie in working with adults experiencing relationship issues, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, bereavement and obsessive-compulsive disorders. I am comfortable working with adolescents struggling with issues related to addiction, dual diagnosis and helping them build self-esteem, develop coping skills to deal with bullying and significant life transitions. Another one of my keen interests is in women’s issues, such as peri-partum mental health, infertility, chronic illnesses, and relationship issues. My background in medicine allows me to see these in the context of the medical diagnoses from which they can arise. 

Special Focus


Relationship Issues, Mood Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Bereavement

Women's Issues (peripartum mental health, infertility, chronic illnesses, relationships, glass ceiling)

Work-life Balance; Navigating Stress

Client Focus

Adults and Adolescents 

**Not currently taking new clients.


Quarantine MOM : Helping moms deal with the stressors of

                                    working and raising kids through a pandemic (online)


Freshmen 101: Mindfully navigating the various stressors

                             of the college freshman (online)


Breaking Glass: Guided process group for women in high-demand,

                               high-pressure professions  (online) 




Master of Social Work - Indiana University

Indianapolis, IN 


Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery


Licensed Master Social Worker  

Georgia MSW008771

Professional Affiliations

Georgia Society for Clinical Social Workers

Out-of-network with all insurance plans

Scholarships for reduced fee limited to availability, and dependent upon income.

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