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Therapy Groups

Summer therapy groups are week long small groups that are divided by age/grade. Each group will offer a safe space for your child to engage with peers in a creative way. All groups will focus on specific age appropriate life skills such as: learning about emotions, improving communication, coping skills for anxiety/depression/grief, healthy boundaries, social skills, mindfulness techniques and self/emotional regulation skills. Groups can be a great way to intorduce your child to the therapy process and is an investment in your child's overall wellbeing! 

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Creative Art Group

for teen girls

Being a teenager in today's world is hard. There are pressures at school, expectations of friends, and a new flood of emotions are emerging due to hormones. This group allows teen girls a safe and relaxing space to meet with their peers and explore the stresses of their lives in order to know that they are not alone in their feelings/experienes, and to learn healthy ways to manage daily life. Through the power of art and journaling, the girls will process what it is like to be a teen and how to navigate through stress to improve their self-esteem and overall wellbeing.  MORE...

Using aikido for inner balance and control

You've likely heard of journaling, or may have even tried it, but art journaling is different from the conventional writing narratives. This workshop teaches you several mediums of art, and ways to use this creativity to tell a story of you that words simply cannot capture on their own. Megan Bryant, LPC, ATR creates a safe space for self-exploration and learning more about your vulnerability, so that it becomes a foundation upon which you can grown, rather than something you wish to avoid. And, the best part is that you get to have fun creating something that is a genuine and authentic expression of you. MORE... 

Using aikido for inner balance and control

Mindfulness certainly isn't gender-specific; however, vulnerability often presents in different ways and with different contexts between genders. Vulnerability is invited into the space when exercising mindfulness. We stay with it and learn about it. MANifest is a group tailored to teach men how to be more mindful in their daily lives, and how specific skills, like meditation and others, can be used to embrace and manage powerful emotions, rather than trying to overpower them. Here, you learn about yourself and your surroundings, while navigating strengths, challenges, and perceptions specific to masculinity. Click for MORE...

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