Self-Care through Creativity

Engage in a unique art journaling experience in which you will be guided through 10 different creative stations. Each station will provide you with all the materials and instructions necessary to immerse yourself in an individual 20 minute activity for self-care. As you rotate through each activity, you will explore mandala making, watercolors, words of affirmations, journaling, collage, drawing with scissors, playing with paint sticks, and many more. 

Intention Setting though Art & Sound

Through a unique experience, which combines sound meditation and personal art making, you will begin to explore your internal knowing....a knowing that is directly experienced in the body, but is not yet in words. With a variety of sound meditations and art making experiences, you will have the opportunity to explore, clarify, and develop that felt sense into set intentions for yourself and your year.

Forest Therapy Walk


Inspired Art Making

A unique experience that connects you with nature, yourself, and rejuvenates your spirit. The day combines a guided Forest Therapy walk during which you will be invited to connect with nature using your senses. Then further enjoy and process your experience by engaging your creativity and making inspired art using natural materials. 

The Seasons of Resilience

An afternoon of mindful and purposeful movement, meditation, and creativity, empowering participants to navigate through experiences, so you no longer have to avoid them. Imagine having the tools and confidence to navigate through stressful experiences without feeling totally drained and overwhelmed. The objective of this mini-retreat is to help you get closer to this goal. 

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