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Art Journaling Workshops

Multiple workshops have been offered by Licensed Therapist and Registered Art Therapist, Megan Bryant in which no artistic talent is required, but lots of fun is had! Participants enjoy a day of fun and relaxation that is inspiring and rejuvenating. These workshops are designed to encourage creativity and self-expression through the use of art making and journaling. ​The workshops focus on experimenting with a variety of activities that focus on and combine art making, writing/journaling techniques, and engage the creative process. 

Interested in doing/learning more about art journaling?

Look out for Megan Bryant's upcoming online course about art journaling. 

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Self-Care through Creativity

Megan Bryant, LPC, ATR created this workshop/retreat day that provided engagement in a unique art journaling experience in which participants were guided through 10 different creative stations. Each station was equipped with all the materials and instructions necessary to be fully immersed in an individual 20 minute activity for self-care. Mandala making, watercolors, words of affirmations, journaling, collage, drawing with scissors, and playing with paint sticks were among the stations provided. 

Interested in other ways to use creativity for self care?

Megan Bryant will be launching an online course soon that focuses on using the creative process to improving mindfulness, balance and connection.

Email her HERE to be added to a contact list in which you will receive a 

20% discount code when the course is launched!

Intention Setting though Art & Sound

In this retreat day Megan Bryant, LPC, ATR partnered with vibrational sound therapist GabrieNelson Sears to provide an immersive experience which combined sound meditation and personal art making as a way to explore internal knowing....a knowing that is directly experienced in the body, but is not yet in words. With a variety of sound meditations and art making experiences, participants had the opportunity to explore, clarify, and develop that felt sense into set intentions for themselves and the new year.

Find out more about Gabriel HERE

Forest Therapy Walk


Inspired Art Making

Art Therapist and Licenced Therapist Megan Bryant partnered up with Forest Therapist Robin Hancock to offer a unique experience that connects individuals with nature, themselves, and rejuvenates the spirit. The day was a combination of a guided Forest Therapy walk during which there were invitations to connect with nature using your senses. Further enjoyment and processing of the experience happened by engaging the creative process and making inspired art using natural materials. 

Learn more about Robin and Renewal By Nature HERE

4th/5th Grade Group

These groups, led by Registered Art Therapist and Associate Counselor Katie Powers, provided children a safe space to learn about their body's experience of emotions through a creative sensory experience. This group focused on various simple yoga poses, breathing exercises, art tasks, and mindfulness techniques that allowed group members to practice managing stress and anxiety and gain skills to lead a more mindful life. The children learned how to navigate through their days with more confidence, awareness, and empathy.

Interest in this group? 

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Trauma Sensitive Yoga Groups

Trauma Sensitive Yoga is intended as a collaborative supplement to psychotherapy. There is no psychotherapist present during classes, and you are not required to tell your story. The beauty of this work is in the non-verbal, present body experience, which goes beyond words. These groups were led by Stacey Shulman, who is a Registered Yoga Therapist and a Certified Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator.

Learn more about Stacie HERE

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MANifest: Mindfulness Group for Men

Mindfulness certainly isn't gender-specific; however, vulnerability often presents in different ways between genders. MANifest is a group tailored to teach men how to be more mindful in their daily lives, and how specific skills, like meditation and others, can be used to embrace and manage powerful emotions. Here, you learn about yourself and your surroundings, while navigating strengths, challenges, and perceptions specific to masculinity. 

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